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Q&A with I AM HERE WITH MAG & MBC Radio Interview.

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

You can listen to Joey's newest interview on MBC On Demand.

Metis artist, singer-songwriter, Joey Pringle has a new song at radio, What Would You Have Me Believe ... a lil chat bout his musical journey, and, this single -- Tuesday Aug 22, 2023

and an Q&A with Music Matters in "I AM HERE WITH MAG".

August 30, 2023 ~ Music Matters Q & A with Joey Pringle

Catch Joey Pringle's new Country single "What Would You Have Me Believe" now on Sirius XM - Channel 165 - The Indigiverse. You might notice Joey from our men's cover with Bret Hart back in 2019! When you first see Joey Pringle you go, who is that?! You instantly want to know more about the 6 foot tall Manitoba Metis blues singer-song writer. Joey's signature dressed in black look resembles a modern-day Elvis. They both come from Indigenous heritages, Pringle is Cree Metis and Elvis was Cherokee. What else they have in common is how they both shake their legs like crazy when they perform. What people love most about this thirty’s old soul, is he’s a excellent singer! People will stop talking and really listen to his booming yet controlled rasp which makes you want to hear more. He has been working hard for years to sustain his love of singing and performing, he moved from Birch River, Manitoba to pursue his blues singing and song writing career. Joey built a big following especially online. We first met Joey through Allan Stickel, Neil Enock and Paul Fry at a boy’s night out almost two years ago. We all had the pleasure of listening to a solo song right at the table, that he played for his dear friend Allan Stickel, who past away in 2017. Joey made a truly gorgeous blues song about his friend James Allan moments after the news of hearing he had past which he called Heaven's Hero. He said it just poured out of him, it truly honors who Al was and it brings people to tears because it's very relate-able to anyone who has lost someone. Joey is a registered SOCAN member and is in the mist of making his first CD for his fans who keep telling him it’s time and they want a Joey Pringle record! Q AND A 1. What initially drew you to music, and how did you get started in the industry? I grew up in a very musical Family and was blessed to be around the music industry from day 1. 2. How would you describe your sound and style as an artist? My edgy Country Blues sound and style comes from a mix of listening to a variety of artists such as John Fogerty and Waylon Jennings to Stevie Ray Vaughn. 3. Can you tell us about your experience playing on Sirius C M radio and what that was like for you? I was absolutely blowen away the first time I heard myself singing on SIRIUS XM. It was definetly a dream come true. 4. How important is it to you to incorporate your Metis and Indigenous heritage into your music? I find its very important to stick to your roots in music. If I can, I will always have fiddle in my songs, being of Metis heritage I find its a must. 5. How has your music evolved over time, and what inspires you to keep creating? I find music is an evolving entity that can never fully be learned by anyone. My music is a work in progress and seems to be getting better as I mature. 6. What has been your proudest moment or achievement as a musician so far? In all my years I'v gather quite afew proud moments, but I believe my proudest moment would have to be either winning a best music award in Los Angeles for a Calgary based film or hearing my single playing on SIRIUS XM for the first time..both are very cool times in my career. 7. How do you think the music industry has changed in recent years, and how have you adapted to those changes? When Covid hit the music bizz pretty much stopped. Im happy to say lately its really picked up and live shows are back and better then ever. 8. What sets your music apart from other artists in the industry? The main feed back Iv gotten from folks is that the sound and tone of my voice is what really catchs peoples ears, seems to really set me apart from other artists. 9. Can you tell us about any upcoming projects or collaborations you have in the works? Unfortunetly, I can't really talk about it just yet, you will just have to keep an eye on my socials. 10. What do you hope audiences take away from listening to your music? I want people to be able to sit back, relax, maybe have a beer and just enjoy the music I release.


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