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Release of Fortune Favours The Brave' by Joey Pringle.  Out to radio in Canada by week of 17th, 2022. His country inflected voice, commands the ear to listen, wit a singer/songwriter cut not unlike what one might expect fro the likes of Lukas Nelson, or Chris Stapleton.

Joey digs into his Metis roots with this new release.  Delivering a blues inspired heart completive song, as he sings about over coming the obstacles we face, whether they may be self imposed or brought on by others.  With a gritty soul stiring voice and a heart like the salt of the earth, Pringle lays bare the crux of the times.

Joined in a special version to be released in time for Remembrance Day featuring fellow Manitoban the living legend, Mr. Tom Jackson.   Please listen and consider Fortune Favours the Brave for your community listeners; after all we've been through when the going gets tough; the tough get going. Fortune Favours the Brave. This is a special duet released to Canadian radio with none other then Gemini, Juno and CCMA award winner Mr Tom Jackson.    

Joey Pringle @ BADLANDS BOOGIE FESTIVAL  (Drumheller) Sept.2022 * Songs: (Fishen In The Dark / Only Daddy That Will Walk The Line)

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