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Interview with Alwayz Therro Magazine

alwayztherro (NY, NY): Listen to B.C’s Metis rising star and his new hit song! He is originally from Manitoba, CANADA! Joey Pringle @pringle475’s new hit My Memory, is out now!

@alwayztherro - What was your dream as a child to achieve in your life? ~ As a child I always wanted to achieve being a successful musician/entertainer. Its always been a passion of mine to entertain people and make them smile.

What are the titles you want to be known by? ~ Id be honored to be known for winning a Juno or a Canadian Song Writer of the Year award.

Tell us the story of when you first took steps to start your dreams and career. How did it happen? ~ One time while in Nashville, a friend of mine singing at Tootsies Orchid Lounge called me on stage to sing a song with him. I was hooked, the joy and love everyone had on their faces and the rush I got as everyone danced around the bar sealed the deal for me to follow my dream in a musician. Where are you at now with your passion, dreams and life? ~ I’m pleased to tell you that I am currently #25 on the Indigenous Music Charts with a new single I have out called "My Memory" which was written by master song writers Sean Hogan and Daryl Burgess. It was released to Canadian radio Nov 1st and was fortunate enough to have it picked up by Sirius XM Radio CBC Country Channel 171. How many times have you gone for your dream and had to take a break, went full into it and then started something continuous or new? ~ Since I’ve started I’ve never taken a break from music. Everyday its a new hussle. Whether it is working on writing, practicing my guitar licks, recording, doing online work or working on my website. It’s a labour of love and it never gets old.

Share an encouraging quote from you about achieving your dreams.

~ Believe in yourself. If you cant believe in yourself, why should anyone else believe in you. If you put your best foot forward and believe, your dreams will then come true. Photos by @andrasschram and @jolenepphotography .@applemusic @soundcloud https://www.joeypringle.com9h


lil_babyizzy: Awesome shot!!! 👏

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