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Interview on Joey Pringle with Clearwarter Times

Budding country star now calls Clearwater home on Mar. 19, 2021

It’s the ultimate road trippin’ tune! One of Clearwater’s newest residents, Joey Pringle, is getting noticed with his hit new song, “Waste of Good Whisky,” now playing on radio stations across Canada. He has garnered national recognition and interest with this up-tempo and relatable country song.

After just a few weeks, the song broke Mediabase’s Canadian Top 100 chart, sitting at number 95 last week. Though he has produced other songs in the past, “Waste of Good Whiskey” is Pringle’s national country radio debut, and it is blowing up!

The catchy tune was written and created by Canadian country music artists Duane Steele and Sean Hogan, and is performed as a collaboration between Hogan, Pringle and Canadian country singer Nathan Cunningham (who has been previously nominated for a Juno Award for Indigenous Artist of the Year in 2014).

In lockstep with the growing interest for Pringle and his soulful sound, he recently joined Mike Nagle on his iHeart Radio show Mike in the Morning. While on the show, Pringle noted he was honoured to be asked to sing in the collaboration.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, each musician had to record their part separately, although the song sounds just like they were recorded in the studio together!

Born in Manitoba, Pringle is a Metis singer/songwriter, and despite his young mid-30s face, is considered an old soul by those who know him. He grew up in the small town of Birch River, Manitoba with his brother and father, who was a band constable with the RCMP, a bushman, and musician himself.

Pringle said he always looked up to his dad because he worked so hard to make ends meet. He also enjoyed watching his father play music from behind the stage at his gigs. It was in those particular moments that Pringle started to grow his deep love for writing music and entertaining others.

After working several years in the oilfield in Alberta, Pringle moved from Hinton to Calgary to pursue his music career. He seized an opportunity in 2006 to go to Nashville, Tenn., and was given an experience that will be forever cherished — he was called up to sing as a special guest at the world-famous Tootsies Orchid Lounge, which solidified his music dream.

Pringle is currently writing songs for his debut album and has a strong fan base which keeps growing with every show he performs. To date he has headlined for John Berry Graham’s Badlands Boogie Benefit, in honour of his late friend James Allan Stickel, which took place in Drumheller, Alta., in 2018. It looks like the sky’s the limit for this up-and-coming Metis musician, whose black hair and swag reminds us of Elvis and Johnny Cash!

Pringle is currently taking care of his mother, Clarice, who lives in Clearwater with her daughter Gale. Clarice is now battling COPD, but is forever grateful to have a son and daughter to support her. She said couldn’t be more proud of her son.

You can purchase the song on iTunes and hear it on radio stations across Canada. You can follow the musician at @pringle475 on his social media and make sure to ask your local radio stations to play the song “Waste of Good Whisky!”

Jill Maria Robinson recently moved to Clearwater from Calgary, Alta., where she created the yearly-published entertainment magazine I’m Here With. She is a Romanian-Canadian actor who has a passion for telling the stories of rising artists.

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