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Coast2Coast Closeup Interview with Joey Pringle

Coast 2 Coast Closeup – Joey, Nathan and The James Darkhorse Project

Prince Albert, SK, Canada / 900 CKBI - Cal Gratton - Apr 14, 2021

A Manitoba born Metis, Joey Pringle grew up in the small town of Birch River, Manitoba. The soulful singer was raised on the farm with his brother, by his single father. On weekends if he didn’t stay with his grandparents, he would go with his dad to gigs to watch his dad play from back of the stage. In junior high he started to play percussion and played through high school.

It was at the age of 15 he started to develop his aggressive Country Blues style of playing which would eventually lead to a deep love for entertaining and song writing.

Mr. Pringle had no intention to work in the bush or farm in Manitoba, so in 2005 he decided to move to Hinton Alberta to work in the Oilfield. In 2012, due to the fact there wasn’t enough music in his life, he decided to make the big move to Calgary Alberta to be part of the great and growing music scene there. He now can be seen regularly playing in a variety of different blues and rock venues throughout Calgary and surrounding area.


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